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What is the Process? How Does This Work?

  1. The process begins with you entering some basic information about yourself including your name and email so we may create a username and password for you.
  2. You will fill in a questionnaire letting us know your unique situation. You do not have to complete the questionnaire in one sitting, but may return to it with your login information, allowing you the time you need to put your information together.
  3. will evaluate the value of your estate and determine your estate tax liability, if any, and the amount of tax you would owe if you do nothing about it. This evaluation will help you decide whether our Simple Will or Tax-planning Will Package is best for you.
  4. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be provided an engagement letter from our law firm, defining our attorney-client relationship. You then will have the opportunity to e-sign the engagement letter and submit your credit/debit card payment — all through our website!
  5. One of our attorneys will contact you to review the questionnaire with you, go over the various issues that make your situation unique and make recommendations of how to address those issues.
  6. After the attorney interview, our firm will draft your estate planning package, making it custom made for you!
  7. Finally, you will receive an email from us, stating that your documents and instructions on how to execute them are ready for you to download.


All information given through is SSL-protected and confidential even if no attorney-client relationship is established between you and our law firm.

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