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Affordable Texas Wills Custom Made For Your Needs

Texas willsYou know at some point you will need to address your estate planning and execute a last will & testament to appropriately take care of your estate upon your death.

Avoiding Expensive Attorney’s Fees? Going to Go It Alone?

However, you may feel that hiring an attorney for these needs would be a financial strain. Trying to avoid a visit to an attorney’s office and save money, you might seek out one of the legal document service companies that have emerged on the web.

Using Forms for Texas Wills Is Not the Answer

You might not get what you think you are purchasing. These legal document services companies offer something that sounds too good to be true: estate planning on the cheap—real cheap. However, it comes at a price: there is no legal advice, just forms. What you get is a Texas will form with fill-in-the-blanks; there is no such thing as legal advice in a can. If the company offers anything further, it spell-checks their customer’s forms for them—remember, they are not lawyers.

How Confident Are You In Online Texas Will Forms?

Of course, you won’t find out if your Texas will, Texas living will, Texas durable power of attorney or Texas medical power of attorney works or not. But your children will…when they learn they have to initiate a guardianship or heirship proceeding in order to take care of their parent’s medical care or estate…

You Could Be Subject to the Estate Tax

Or when they have to pay a substantial portion of your assets to the IRS even though the taxes could have been avoided with proper planning.

We Have The Answer…

But what if a lawyer’s advice was affordable? What if you knew the price upfront? What if you got more than a form? What if you could stand confident that your estate planning documents implemented exactly what you desire at the time of your death? What if you could rest assured that you could relieve the stress on your family that comes from the business of burying someone and distributing their assets? What if your estate planning documents were custom made and tailor-fit for you?

You don’t have to take the cookie-cutter option in order to save a buck. You’ve come to It’s made for the world you live in. Welcome!

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